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    Kiwi Ears Quartet In-Ear Headphones

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    Quartet: 2DD+2BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

    Innovative dual 10mm titanium diaphragm drivers, each independently driven by dual magnetic circuits, providing exceptional bass performance Harmoniously balanced with natural tonal balance, offering rich and full bass without muddying mids or highs Custom balanced armature drivers tuned to complement Quartet's dynamic drivers, delivering crisp and clean tonality with refined treble, free from harshness or fatigue Detachable high-quality oxygen-free silver-plated copper cable, lightweight for noise-free audio transmission

    Innovative Driver Design

    Kiwi Ears Quartet is designed around our new isobaric dual dynamic driver. This innovative design uses dual 10mm titanium diaphragm drivers, each independently driven by dual magnetic circuits. The pair of drivers is passively aligned for phase synchronization and to prevent sound wave cancellation. This new bass design produces excellent extended bass that's tighter, faster, and deeper than any previous bass design.

    Harmonic Balance

    While Quartet is a bass-centric IEM, we still aim for a natural tonal balance. The core of this goal is to provide textured and powerful bass without any muddiness or dullness in the mids or highs. The dynamic drivers use a passive low-pass network crossed at 350Hz to allow for ample rich and full bass, while the midrange from 350-1kHz is tuned to be completely flat. This allows for accurate midrange tonality like a neutral studio monitor, while providing a touch of warmth in the mid-bass. This means Quartet's bass will sound powerful and full, but the midrange remains clean, preventing unnecessary bloat common in many earphones.

    Custom Balanced Armature Drivers

    Quartet features custom mid-high frequency balanced armature and custom super-tweeter balanced armature drivers. These drivers are adjusted to accommodate the new dynamic drivers' balance by modifying the venting system for more airflow. Following Kiwi Ears tradition, the balanced armatures are passively adjusted to fit our internal midrange and treble target curves. This means the mid-highs provide crisp and clean tonality for vocals and instruments without sounding dull or nasal. The treble is detailed and suitable for professional performance use, yet natural without harshness or fatigue.

    Ideal For

    Quartet can be considered a neutral studio monitor headphone but with sub-bass and bass from 350Hz down. This provides more body, texture, and richness in the mid-bass, while maintaining neutrality in the midrange. Quartet is excellent for performing drummers and bassists who need powerful and impactful bass. Music enthusiasts wanting high-quality bass but also natural tonality will benefit from Quartet's tuning balance.


    Drivers: 10mm dynamic driver (x2), custom balanced armature (x2)

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

    Sensitivity: 110dB SPL/mW

    Impedance: 32Ω Earphone Material: Medical grade resin

    Cable: Premium oxygen-free silver-plated copper wire 

    Connector: 0.78mm 2 PIN Cable Length: 1.2M±5%

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