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LALS Classical 12 SE-G Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Reproduce the Live Sound with Wooden Horn 

Compression drivers can generate more energy than dome tweeters and are considered the signature of classic horn speakers. The Classical 12 SE-G features a computer-calculated 37cm horizontal wooden horn with a 50mm diaphragm titanium compression driver and a fast 12-inch paper cone woofer. 


The Classical 12 SE-G is an upgraded version of Classical 12SE. The main difference is the compression drivers. The diaphragm upgrades from 44mm to 50mm can reproduce an extensive frequency range from 800hz to 20khz. This allows it to deliver crystal clear treble while producing strong, thick, and articulate midrange. The 12-inch paper cone woofers with coated fabric surrounds are made of paper and glass fiber composite. They have a shorter stroke than ordinary drivers and can deliver ultra-fast transient responses while maintaining high linearity. 

The crossover network adopts high-quality customized components and sets the crossover frequency at a low 1200Hz. Classical 12 SE-G can deliver a huge sense of sound stage. The sound is open and warm with a lively presentation. Classical 12 SE-G can easily generate a room-filling sound with 7W tube amps thanks to the high-efficiency design at 96dB sensitivity. High power amps can also drive it to obtain stronger dynamics and more authoritative sound. 

With Classical 12 SE-G, LALS offers sound signatures similar to Daniel Hertz and TAD.The sound dispersion and directivity are designed with precise calculation, and ideal frequency response is achieved—a true audio masterpiece. 

Treble attenuator for easy tuning in different spaces

Horn speakers are highly efficient. This allows them to achieve lifelike and highly realistic sound effortlessly. In the meantime, the high energy output from the horns can sometimes lead to shouty and harsh sounds in some spaces like concrete houses that have room modes emphasizing high frequencies. To better tame the treble under these circumstances, LALS has put the treble attenuators at the back of Classical 12 SE-G. This way, one can easily adjust for optimal performances simply by turning the knob.

Birch plywood enclosure with high-quality finishing

The nice wooden enclosure of Classical 12 SE-G ishandmade in Taiwan with the highest standard. Russian birch plywood which is stronger and denser than ordinaryMedium-density fiberboard (MDF) is used to gain lower resonances for better acoustic performance. The high-quality wooden veneer finishing of Classical 12 SE-G makes it aesthetically appealing and is suitable for various spaces.


'Beautiful and Heavenly Horn Sound.'




"Best Recommended Award" by Audio Art Magazine


Tweeter/Midrange: 50mm Titanium Compression Driver with 37cm Wooden horn
BASS: 12 " Paper Cone Woofer
Sensitivity: 96dB / W(1m)
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Response: 35 Hz~20 kHz
Crossover Frequency: 950 Hz
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power: 500W
Horn and Cabinet Material: Russian Birch Plywood
Finishing: Ash, Walnut, Teak, Rose Wood, Ebony Veneer 
Treble Attenuator
Dimensions:450(w) x 1085(h) x 390(d) mm
Net Weight: 48 kg / each
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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