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  • See Audio Yume II In-Ear Headphones

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    Upgraded version of the classic Yume.

    • Tri-driver hybrid configuration
    • 1 dynamic driver + 2 balanced armature drivers
    • Excellent extended high frequencies, clean and accurate
    • 5-axis CNC carved ear shell
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy shell
    • High-precision acoustic internal structure design
    • L.F.C low-pass chamber structure technology
    • 6N OFC silver-plated copper wire

    High-Performance Tri-Driver Configuration

    See Audio Yume II comes with a three-driver configuration. This pair boasts a newly developed "liquid silicone" diaphragm dynamic driver, capable of producing robust low frequencies. It is complemented by two high-performance balanced armature drivers: one from the SONION 2300 series for crisp mid-tones and another from the Knowles RAD series for precise and extended high-frequency responses.

    5-axis CNC Machined Aluminum Cavity

    Yume II showcases a premium aluminum alloy ear cavity that looks stunning. The shells are crafted using high-precision 5-axis CNC machining techniques. They present an opulent finish and a premium textured appearance, which, if you ask us, is simply breathtaking!

    Clean, Accurate Sound Signature

    Drawing from years of experience in tuning high-quality in-ear monitors, See Audio fine-tuned the Yume II to deliver a cohesive, transparent sound loaded with excellent detail and resolution. You can trust the Yume II to breathe life into your music.

    Intricately Designed Internal Acoustic Structure

    To maintain the high-quality performance and better sound consistency of the Yume II, See Audio conceptualized its internal chamber structure and precision components. It is crafted with top-notch high-precision 3D accuracy technology.

    High-Quality 6N Silver-plated Cable

    The See Audio Yume II includes a high-purity 6N OFC silver-plated copper wire. It's designed after rigorous tensile testing. Boasting good flexibility, it features a standard 2-pin 0.78mm connector and a 3.5mm single-ended plug."

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