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  • Violectric Chronos Portable DAC/Headphone Amp

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    Solid DAC Made in Germany 

    Violectric CHRONOS is one of the greatest DACs (digital to analog converter) / headphone amps made for all mobile devices. Since it became “fashion“ to offer modern smartphones without a headphone socket, the preferred headphones often stayed at home. Or it became evident that the integrated smartphone electronics missed the good power to drive the headphones.

    Violectric created CHRONOS for “Audiophiles On The Road“ to tackle this problem. It is a top-notch portable DAC combined with a powerful headphone amplifier, protected by a stylish miniature case. It is engineered in Germany and made in Germany, which gives it excellent build quality.

    A portable DAC needs to fit in the pocket, be easy to operate, and have convenient connections to different devices. Although their performance is limited by the size and may not be on par with a standalone DAC, when carefully engineered, the sound quality of a portable DAC suffices for most of us. Small DACs sounds terrible is a thing of the last decade. Violectric CHRONOS is an example of a well-performing tiny DAC that provides excellent music playback. Especially if you have a phone with a poor built-in headphone amp, the phone in combination with the CHRONOS DAC does bring a noticeable improvement.

    Accurate Digital Audio Data to Analog Conversion

    CHRONOS can accept lossless compression formats up to 32 Bit / 384 kHz Sample Rates for PCM audio signals and DSD256. The Cirrus Logic CS43131 digital to analog converter chip inside offers a dynamic range of 130 dB with distortions as low as -115 dB. 

    On CHRONOS, the digital signal is sent to the device via USB and converted to a high-quality analog signal. The analog electrical signal is then sent via the headphone output to the speakers or headphones. You will be rewarded with stunning audio quality up to the level you do not expect. More information stored in the recording is faithfully reproduced, making your music sound more realistic than ever. You will definitely hear the difference with and without CHRONOS play as the DAC.

    A Versatile Portable Digital Music Player.

    CHRONOS is an excellent DAC that can be used in various situations. It sounds great with all types of digital audio signals, and it can be used with a variety of devices, including smartphones and laptops. Whether smartphones or computers, Android, Apple, or Windows, it will always connect trouble-free via USB. Violectric CHRONOS comes with three OTG adapter cables, including lightning to USB C, USB C to USB C, and micro USB to USB C, to cover all input options.

    The Chronos has a 3.5mm headphone jack that can drive headphones or connect to active speakers/amplifiers. The highly efficient conversion design makes the power consumption negligible. The headphone amplifier powers low impedance headphones up to 2 x 30 mW. It is more than enough to deliver desired listening volume.

    The low noise floor, outstanding detail, and wide sound stage make listening to music an incredible experience. CHRONOS is a very balanced, linear and clean sounding DAC. It can also be used in a home audio. Use it with computers and connect it to your pre/power amplifiers or the integrated amplifier, and you will have a well established audiophile stereo system. On the side of CHRONOS, there are two small buttons allows you to adjust the volume. This feature enables CHRONOS to act as a preamp as well.

    Compact and Robust

    Violectric CHRONOS DAC is small yet rugged enough to take you on the road. It measures only 44.5 x 24 x 10 mm and weighs about 17 grams. The durable shell was milled from a solid piece of aluminum and is surrounded by a shiny beveling. The top and bottom covers are made from glass, and the top cover shows the operating modes in different colors. White color is displayed when connected without playing music, Green color for PCM files and Blue color for DSD.


    Mobile DAC with Headphone PreAmp
    Input: USB Type-C with Adapter Cables
    3x Adapter Cables: Lightning to USB Type C, Micro USB to USB Type C, and USB Type C to USB Type C
    Output: 3.5mm Headphone Jack
    Power Rating: 2x30mW / 32Ω
    Body: Aluminum Housing
    Weight: 17g 
    Dimension: 44.5x24x10mm
    Sampling Rates: PCM 32/384khz, DSD 256
    Country of Origin: Made in Germany

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