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Hario V60 x Aurli 02-Size Limited Edition Coffee Dripper

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Handmade Limited Edition V60

Hario V60 x Aurli 02-Size Coffee Dripper is handmade under high temperature in the kiln.
Each dripper is made uniquely, one of a kind with different surface textures and colors.
Thermal performance of this dripper is better than the standard versions of V60s.
The quartz earth material has the structure similar to medical stone and charcoal.
Coffee made through this dripper is smoother and sweeter with more delicate aroma.
  • Limited Edition of Hario V60
  • Collaboration with Aurli, Famous Taiwan Ceramics Brand
  • 02 Size Coffee Dripper
  • Suitable for Pour Over Brewing 
  • SKU: VDCR-02-BR
  • Weight: 400g
  • For 1-4 Cups Brewing
  • Dimensions: 140x120x102mm 
  • Diameter:116mm
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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